a short adventure in chinuk wawa!
full playthrough should take under five minutes, use arrow keys to move around. 

made with bitsy as a project at lane cc - hayu masi, beth pi kʰanawi skul-shiksh. ☺

(this is my first bitsy game; let me know if you find a bug and i'll do my best, but no promises.)

UPDATE: added arrows for clarity! let me know if you get stuck anywhere 

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
Authorquinne larsen
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, chinuk-wawa, Short


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Quinne, hayash hayash ɬush ukuk!

hihi pus pʰley, hihi pus nanich, pi wəxt, nayka chako-kəmtəks hayú chxi chinuk wawa kʰopa ukuk

"lipʰyi-ts'əm" nayka hilu qw'olan, bət dret ɬush tənəswawa pus "footprint"

skukum mamuk!!

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dret hihi nayka temtem, hayuuu masi! : )

(1 edit)

I did my best, but I'm sure I missed some errors in here; let me know if you see 'em and I'll update with fixes.

i have no idea where to find the stuff im meant to but this seems like a cool little game nonetheless, even if i cant read the chinuk text

which part are you stuck on? if it's the fire, just walk up to the fire to throw paper in. ☺